Friday, July 15, 2011

We have arrived!!!

We are quite excited, as we have finally set foot on Scottish soil without return tickets!  A sobering thought.  We are convinced that the Lord has called us to this work.

We arrived in the Edinburgh Airport at about 8 am.  It took a while to get through border control, and to collect our bags.  Wow, 5 carts filled to overflowing, what a sight (I'll post those picts later, along with a group photo.)  Then on to the car rental counter.  There we had to call on our Gumby powers (flexibility) to keep it together.  The cars I reserved (supposedly) can only be driven by those who are 30 years or older.  My plan was for David and myself to drive the women and children to Dundee.  He is not 30 yrs yet, so he can't be a driver.  Megan stepped up, and took one for the team.  We were also told that there is no way we would be able to fit 23 bags in those two cars, even if we didn't have but 2 passengers total.  Those guys had never met a sleep deprived group of determined MCOers, who had learned over the years to make it work with what we have.  I have included a few photos of the packed cars, an impressive sight.  At any rate, we made it to Dundee, after lunching in St. Andrews, at about 15:15.  We then drained a few ATMs, walked (we were too tired to run) a couple of errands, and settled in to catch up on some sleep.  That's where the team is now and where I am heading now.  Peace.  scott

This is the biggest car I could rent!

The luggage is overflowing!

Every nook and cranny was filled.

Relaxing for a meal in St. Andrews.


Jon Olvera said...

Awesome guys! So glad you've made it. God Bless!

Brea said...

So glad to hear you are there! Whew! Praying for you all as you figure out where to live and as you work on getting settled and calling a new country home.