Thursday, April 14, 2011

One More Step Closer

We reached our goal of at least 60% of monthly support in early March.  Praise Him who called us!  This meant that we could begin our pre-field training.  The picts below are from training.

We have also been working hard to move out of our house.  The Lord has seen fit to sell our house quickly (11 days on the market), so we have been clearing out.  Our wonderful community has served us by emptying it out, while we are at training.  THANKS!!!!

A huge thank you to those who have joined with us in this journey.  We CAN NOT make it to Scotland with out the support of our friends and family.  As of today, we are just over 70% now.  So, those who have yet to pray about joining us on our journey as senders, please pray.

We are humbled by the great cloud of witnesses by which the Lord has surrounded us.  Thanks and blessings to all!!!

"The Team"

The Girls fellow-shipping over ice cream. 

The boys learning teamwork.

Moving can be stressful. 

Our Busy Spring

As is obvious, we are still getting in the grove in keeping the blog up to date!  Sorry for those who have been checking in on us. Don't give up on us.

In February, we had the opportunity to share with our friends in Charleston at East Cooper Baptist Church what we feel we have been called to.  It was a great chance for us to cast vision.  We greatly appreciate the willingness of the leaders at ECBC in allowing us to present.  It also gave some in the group (me) a chance to 'dress the part.'  Or at least the stereotypical part.