Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Celebration

We had a really great Christmas with family this year!  Travel was benign (not too much drama with the kids- little to no screaming in the car!), good conversations and time with family and friends, and a timely reminder of Grace from our creator.

Time in Spartanburg

Time in Georgia

Now its time to gear up for a busy January though.  We are in the process of working our schedules, arranging meetings and talks, so that we can give our friends an opportunity to join us in our work in Scotland.   We will be contacting as many folks as possible before the end of the year in case anyone wants to make a contribution for year end!  If you need another tax deduction, we would love to help-  you can click on the link to the right and contribute through the UWM website.  

Now its off to the hospital....(my other job)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

We are getting ready for Christmas!

We finally got our Christmas picture done! Much less traumatic than usual. We will be traveling all over this year. The kids are crazy excited....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Progress Report - Early December

The last couple of weeks have been busy ones for us. As we watch the days go by, we are beginning to feel the pressure of fewer and fewer days before we hope to begin our training. The pressure is there because we must be at 60% of our monthly needs before we can begin our training at CIT. As things stand now, we have about 5% of our monthly budget met. This is a difficult time to build our team, as many people have told us that after the first of year they want to talk with us. We continue to trust in His timing, because we are totally dependent on Him.

I recently got the opportunity to attend the Scottish CMF Conference in Gartmore. It was a wonderful time of meeting new people, and renewing old acquaintances. The facilities were top notch, the grounds were beautiful, the food was too good (second helpings were had at every meal), and the main speaker for the conference challenged us with "Doing the Gospel". Before & after the conference, we spent some time with our friends in Dundee. We met with interested students from the university the first night. The following day, we had a tour of the medical school facilities and a nice chat with Dr. Day. On return to Dundee, we were treated to a sermon preached by Ravi Zacharis. Our last morning in Dundee, we met with David Robertson who encouraged us greatly. A good time was had by all.

We had the opportunity to connect with one of the UWM Area Directors for Europe, Kevin Mason. As a testimony to how great a guy he is - he put up with us for about 5 days, and i never heard him complain. He even rode in the back seat of our clown car as i drove Mr.(s) Daisy (Todd, Phil, & Ned) on the wrong side of the road. You can tell he has a lot of experience accepting what God sends his way. Flexibility- a trait demonstrated in all the UWM people we have met. I'll have to learn that one.

Off to strategize about building our team....

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Still under construction

We are busily get our lives in order for our transition to our new lives. We are de-cluttering, and simplifying our lives. We are in the process of building a support team- letting our friends know how they can partner with what the Lord is doing in Scotland. We are excited to share what the Lord has put on our hearts.

This is a site in progress, and we are both learning how to put together a blog, and how to blog. Please be patient....thanks...and check back often.