Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Lot of Water Under the Bridge

Its been a while since we've sat down to blog.  Its a funny thing how consuming life can be.  You get to the end of the day and it feels as though you have been running non stop, but then can't list off more that a couple of things that were accomplished.  That's how it has been for us lately.

The kids finally got into school!  Yeah!  It was a bit more difficult than we imagined it would be, but in the end they are in a great primary school.  As the Lord would order it, the school has quite a good reputation and has one of the best teacher to student ratios of any school in Dundee.  It is smaller and we felt confident when we visited that it was an encouraging environment.  Before each day starts, John Spencer gets to play football (soccer) on the small field next to the school (astro turf no less), and Sophia holds court with many of the younger girls that know her and enthusiastically greet her when she walks up.  As we imagined, it took her one day to introduce and befriend most of the girls there, especially those in her class.  They were only in class for three weeks before they enjoyed a two week holiday!  The holiday is a traditional one, that allowed the children time to help with harvesting the potato crop - "Tattie days".  As we had yet to plant any, the kids didn't have to work this holiday.  They were quite excited.

As you can imagine, Sophia loves to dress up, and John Spencer dresses up because is has to. :)

Over the holiday, John Spencer participated in a football skill building camp.  It was organized by the local Scottish Premier League Football Club- Dundee United FC.  The skill level of those 8-9 year old boys was amazing.  Although it was a rough week for our 'footballer', he persevered and stuck it out.  Much character was built during this week.

After a quick trip down to London for a meeting with some medical students and the Student Staff workers in London, we co-hosted a dinner with a group of medical students here in Dundee.  There was a really encouraging turnout, upon which we hope to build momentum for the remainder of the term.

We then took off on a little adventure to the western parts of Scotland.  We had our hearts set on staying in 'hobbit huts'

But alas, they were already booked up.  My next thought was to 'rough it' and do a bit of tent camping.  I promptly woke from my stupor and booked a nice little B&B.  It was a wise decision.  We planned to do two things while away.  We wanted to hike a bit of Ben Nevis (the highest peak in Britain) and to do a bit of rock/ice climbing.  We were successful and did both.  The better of the two in my opinion was hiking on Ben Nevis.  JS and I hiked to the snow line and then a bit further.  We were forced to turn back when it began snowing so hard that we had a hard time seeing each other.  It was great!  To her credit Sophia (with a little help) was able to hike for the better part of about three hours.  M&Ms make for a good incentive.

What we looked like before the hike.

Ah...young love.

They are the Queens of the Mountain.

We made much bigger ones further up.

Note the ear to ear smile on our youngest!

Our time on holiday was however tempered by the knowledge that our friend and pastor, David, had shortly before leaving, been admitted to hospital and was in critical condition.  The illness was sudden in nature and took us all by surprise.  It would actually be more accurate to describe it as shock.  Even as of this posting he is still in critical condition.  We are praying for a restoration of his health, and that the peace of Christ would comfort both him and his family.  We all feel here that we are suffering from spiritual attack, and that the Lord is refining us through these trials.  The dross is burning away.

Our current prayer requests:
Prayer requests: 

1.  The physical healing of David Robertson, and the peace of Christ for his family as they wait on the Lord. 
2.  That we would appreciate how beautiful God is in all circumstances.
3.  Continued transition to life here (especially John Spencer).  The short hours of daylight are upon us, and we have been told that this will be a big deal for us.  
4.  That we would be sensitive to where the Lord is working here and how He would have us join in. 
5.  The Spirit would work in the hearts of the students in Dundee.  
6.  That I would be able to secure a 2 day per week position in Pediatrics and that Megan would also be able to secure a position.
7.  That we would pass our driving tests. 
8.  That we would have more opportunities to meet non Christian students.

This is a big part of what is going on in our little corner of the world.  We will add more in the coming days....

Scott (for the Dundee crew)