Friday, December 30, 2011

Finally.....The Weather We Expected

There we were, playing a bit of Monopoly in the front room, when white colored stuff started falling from the sky.  Could it be...snow.  We had expected our first snow some time ago, as we were warned after we arrived of the pending terrible winter we were meant to experience this year.  It has in fact been unseasonably warm since our arrival.  When we realized that it was accumulating, we couldn't deny our southern children a chance to play.  As the following shows, they were a bit excited.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Advent of Christ - 2011 Dundee

It is an amazing thought that the God of the universe would consider that we (humanity) would be worthy of saving from eternal destruction.  It is even more amazing to realize that to accomplish the task, He would become human, and thus be able to relate to our struggles in a sin filled world.  We celebrate the story of His coming at this time of year, but the redemptive story began in the scriptures shortly after man sought to be God and took from the tree and ate.  We have worked hard to pass on the story to the kids (Deut 6:7), and see glimpses of understanding.  We must pass on the stories of truth to them as well as the students, work mates, associates, neighbors, etc.  Most people appreciate a good story.  We endeavour to be better at it.

This is one of the family traditions we wanted to continue - decorating the tree together, each with their favorite ornament.  It went off pretty well.

Our Christmas Celebration Preparation

We started the celebration on November 30th.  We decided to purchase an artificial tree, and we dug out the decorations we brought.  As you can see, we were off to a good start!  The video title is "Megan in a Box".