Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Latest Update

We continue to press on towards our goal of getting to Dundee by mid-July of this year.  We are talking to as many folks as we can to cast the vision we have been given.  Almost everyone we speak with seems excited about the potential.  We are running at over 30% support now.  Many of our supporters are in the "pray and wait" phase of seeking how the Lord would lead them to join with us.  In the same way, we are waiting on the Lord to continue to show His faithfulness in this process.

To summarize:  We are a team of heath care providers, who have been called to reach the nations through a ministry outreach to students in Dundee.  We feel that the Lord has called us to this people group, whom we are uniquely positioned to reach because of the potential impact they can have, and due to the fact that as few as 2% has an understanding of their need for a relationship with Christ.  We are excited to know our role in the Great Commission (until the Lord directs otherwise)

If you haven't prayed about joining our team and are interested, I dare you to ask the Lord if He would have you support us financially and prayerfully.   Don't deny yourself the opportunity for this blessing!

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